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    of fertility

Boosts your chances of becoming pregnant

With its patented technology for the measurement of core temperature, OvuSense™ is the only clinically proven monitor that helps you take control of your fertility. Designed for your complete fertility journey, from knowing the best time to conceive right through to tracking the effect of medication if you need it. OvuSense™ comes with an associated healthcare and lifestyle app.

The most advanced system for tracking your fertility cycle

Designed by experts and clinically proven by more than 130,000 users, OvuSense™ is easy to use, just as comfortable as a tampon and gives you data that is easy to understand and available in real time via the app.

Track your cycle in real time

Unlike other products, OvuSense™ uses data from your actual fertility cycle to predict ovulation in real time and to calculate an exact date for ovulation with a 99% degree of accuracy. It predicts your fertile window and helps you and your doctor to track your entire cycle, enabling both the diagnosis of any ovulation issues and the monitoring of medication.

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