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Stay protected through connected glasses

Ellcie Healthy are smart glasses equipped with sensors which constantly measure physical and physiological data. The glasses can alert an alarm receiving centre or a relative to provide support if the user suffers a fall.

For a healthy and safer life

In Sweden there are around 11,000 accidental falls at work each year. About 70,000 of these falls are so severe that they require hospitalisation. More than 1000 people die each year as a result. 50,000 of those who suffer a fall are aged 65 or older. (Source: The National Board of Health & Welfare in Sweden). These glasses from Ellcie Healthy can automatically detect a sudden fall and call a relative to provide help, or alternatively alert an alarm receiving centre. With the help of Ellcie Healthy, users can also prevent road traffic accidents caused by drowsiness. The glasses will warn you in real time whenever sudden drowsiness is detected. Ellcie Healthy are medically approved and will soon also have the capability to monitor physical activity and heart rate.

Your daily wellbeing

Ellcie Healthy glasses are designed for your daily wellbeing. But above all else, they are comfortable and attractively designed. They are also compatible with corrective lenses or sunglasses and available in four different models, a broad colour palette and with either tinted or transparent lenses.

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