Our vision

Through a focus on quality, we will help to develop the care sector’s treatment chains. Our products will be integrated into the course of a disease at an early stage so as to enable prevention and the retention of an active lifestyle, thus reducing complications for people with chronic illnesses.

Our mission

We will help enable the best possible level of care to increase the early detection of illness and monitor those who are already sick. This is why we work actively with our customers to develop rational and customer-specific process solutions and develop effective digital healthcare flows.

We chase innovation, we listen to trends and we are receptive to the needs of the healthcare sector. We nurture the relationships we have with our suppliers to provide and deliver new solutions, with the aim that Sweden will have the best digital healthcare anywhere in the world by the year 2025.

We believe in responsible business operations that create profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability, and a robust approach to social responsibility which emphasises the rights of all to participate in society and enjoy equitable healthcare.

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