About VirtualLab

VirtualLab AB is a Nordic distributor of digital home tests. Our preventive initiatives enable the early detection of illnesses and provide effective options for follow-up. Our main focus areas at present are: diabetes, oncology, COPD/asthma, fertility and optical health.

In Sweden, only three percent of the budget for public health is allocated for preventive measures. This is an unsustainable approach which ultimately results in huge sums of money being wasted. VirtualLab was founded on the solid conviction that proactivity is a much more efficient and cost-effective approach than reactivity.

Even if it may be conventional wisdom that prevention works better than cure in the long term, getting society to change its approach is nonetheless a huge challenge. Healthcare budgets have historically placed the focus on providing care in the form of physical consultations which are reactive in nature.

A preventive approach to public health has been identified as an important aspect of future healthcare systems by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions and in other reports, and there is now greater demand for an increased focus on prevention and early intervention. We are now also seeing a huge increase in the number of digital consultations, which will eventually lead to a new structure for how healthcare is provided.

Creating digital flows – both for chronic patients and for consumers – in order to increase the early detection of illnesses, and to monitor those who are already sick so as to enhance their care, is at the heart of our business concept and what permeates all of our initiatives.

VirtualLab helps healthcare providers by supplying innovative medical and digital tools which can be used as part of an effective, proactive and preventive approach to care.

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